štvrtok 17. mája 2018


and some extra pics from my yard.
Style of this future wisteria bonsai is inspired by works of Wu Chengfa.

Recently collected chinese elm growing strongly

Lilac is taking some more time, but looking good though and it should make it

This scot´s patient was moved to the front of the house to get more sunlight

Recently repoted juniper lost one of the main branches and will have to be restyled a bit, but the rest of them seems to be growing with nice golden tips.

                                                                  Field maple shohin

Mame Ficus from cutting

Scot´s pine twintrunk with new huge needles. Until I get a lot of backbudding I do not mind them and I feed heavily.

Penjing number 5 with massive amount of new leaves again - I cannot imagine any other work on it than the hedge pruning method.

Mother with twins - with new juvenile growth. The top of the left tree lost one branch. 2 more looked like they are going too, but recovered somehow.

Literati pine in a new pot by Ivet Mikešová. After I removed the guywire it sprang back right away and is pretty straight now. When I get a chance I will rewire the whole tree again.

"The Deer" lost few branches after repotting too, but not really important ones. They are still there and I need to cut them off.

Only one tree in my yard is not looking very well now, and it is yamadori spruce I styled last year.
After new growth came out, some of it started to turn yellow right away. I applied karate insecticide in case it is due to the insect attack, but I think that more likely it was a bit overstyled or overpruned last year. Or there is something going on with the roots as this is only tree I have not planted in pure zeolite but in whatever I had at home after collection 2 years ago. I need to look at this strange thing over the weekend, I am not used to loosing trees and this would be a pretty hard blow for me if it won´t get saved. Maybe full sun is not doing it much good too, I will move it in the shaded area tomorrow.

streda 9. mája 2018


Collected last year, it is growing strongly it´s second year in zeolite too.
With all that foliage it almost look like a finished tree :)
And I had my baby Emma with me so, naturally, she had to pose with it for daddy.
But I had to teach her how to use camera in return.
I am glad that she is interested.

štvrtok 3. mája 2018

pondelok 16. apríla 2018


I bought and styled this tree last year and thanx to abundance of new buds I was able to repot it over the weekend and make a new penjing with fresh stones from a forest creek by the village of Smolnik where I drove on saturday just for them. (nearly 2 hours drive in total just to collect some stones from a creek - I´m nuts I think...)
Anyways, here are the results:

pondelok 9. apríla 2018


Junipers that were styled last year have got their first pots - actual present from my mum who cannot stand to see my trees in front of the house in ugly wooden crates - thanx mum!!! :)
After that I was able to bring all of my trees to their designated spots for the season. It makes me happy and I spent most of the weekend just roaming around the yard and looking at them :)

My wife and daughter Bea posing with freshly repotted Juniper and enjoying the sun

Freshly repotted wisteria - literati - last year´s airlayer that was separated in the middle of summer and planted with just a few roots in a pot supported with wires. It grew a lot of new roots till autumn and is now able to support itself without wires thanx to nice compact and strong rootball. I am glad I didn´t wait till autumn with separating it as it had much more space in a pot to grow new roots.

Another juniper after repot and on a new spot - exchanged for wisteria that has been moved to the other side of house. While repotting this one I was finally able to move it around easily once out of a very big and heavy wooden crate and I noticed at least 2 new possible styling options that wouldn´t be hard to perform and would most likely make a much nicer tree. So maybe next year I will play with it again.

utorok 3. apríla 2018


I have a confession to make.
I hate all of the christian holidays and the make believe bullshit ideas behind it.
I love not going to work thanks to them though.
But I think we should have bank holidays dedicated to great men who made something real and substantial for mankind.
And I don´t mean giving it HOPE.
I would love to celebrate Nietzsche´s day for example, dedicated to questioning mind and fighting bullshit, or Einstein´s day dedicated to pure genius. Elon´s day would be nice too and there are so many of great people who would deserve eternal celebration rather than celebrating religious nonsense.
So when my neighbours went to sit in church, I dressed in my work outfit and went to use the holiday the creative way.

I started with transplanting the "Mother with twins" onto a rock.

Naturally, I had to dress nicer for the photoshoot :D

I made a pic of recently transplanted blackthorn too.

A lot of small jobs have been done over the weekend, and the biggest one today before going back to work. I collected some 30 years old wisteria from my parent´s garden. It is mother of all my wisteria airlayers, it has been planted by my great grandmother and she had it from a cutting from a church garden - at least something nice came from that place after all those years of listening to crap from a priest´s mouth.
It had very few roots because the main root went deep down under the concrete fence, but from experience I know that they root strongly (like mad) so I am not worried.